Monday, September 5, 2011

"Green Enchantment" --- Sold

Jade is so popular in Asia. I don't see many people wearing jade here in America. I heard that wearing jade is not only for its beauty, but more for its therapeutic effects. Jade pendents can help to calm down emotional disturbances, and protect your heart. Well for this painting, I like Jade for its translucency and graceful green color. I had this small jade cup for a long time, but I haven't painted it often enough. For this painting my main purpose of putting this jade cup in is to contrast the purple color of the drapery. 


silentwitness said...

The lovely jade bowl DOES look so real, and very translucent and beautiful. I love jade and this bowl captures its essence so well! In my next comment I am being a bit critical (only one persons opinion) and I hope you don't mind. The tablecloth draws my attention away from the lovely bowl because of the brightness of the various colors in it, and how the colors are "blocked". Others may feel very differently; I offer this comment because almost 100% of what you paint is so exquisite and the color transitions are not glaring. I noticed no one had commented so I thought I would put in my 2 cents worth. If you feel I have said too much, please feel free to inform me/and or delete this comment. Thank you for sharing your work, as always! I learn from every artwork.

Tory Burch said...

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