Friday, September 16, 2011

“Good Morning" --- Sold

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Yesterday was one of those "nothing works" day to me. It was a hot day, but I decided to do a plein air painting anyway. I checked PAA website and got their paint-out location, and packed my stuff and got going. After one hour driving, I arrived, and found nobody was there. I realized that the paint-out was scheduled for next week. OK, it was not a big deal. I found my spot and started painting alone. Then I found I didn't have the palette knife I like. You know how much I like the knife work recently. I felt a little disappointed, but that should be the reason to stop me. I started put out more paint on the palette, and that make me sad. I found I didn't have the white paint, and I was planning to paint a white church. Well, what can I do? I put away my stuff, and went home. Is that what you call  the "Murphy's Law"?

This painting here, I did it last night. I placed a computer monitor on my still life stand, and painted from a photo I took in the morning. I do not recommend painting from photos, if you haven't painted from life for a while. Since I have painted from live objects for several years, I am going to paint from photo reference more in the future.


Anonymous said...

This is lovely and fresh - it's as vibrant as a life study.
It would be great if you'd consider posting how long each sketch takes - novices like me don't realise how time-consuming each carefully considered colour and stroke is, when the end result is so superbly loose and impressionistic. I tend to rush, thinking that will render a spontaneous result!

Sharlette White said...

Beautiful as always Qiang! I'm back to painting more. I'm in Pawhuska, not far from Bartlesville again. Took a drive out on the Tall Grass Prairie saw some Buffalo. Beautiful creatures can't wait to get started on a painting of him. I posted some of the pictures I took along the way. Tomorrow if it quits raining, not that I'm complaining, I'm going to drive out to Woolorac. Love the old west paintings at the museum. A friend of mine's dad use to be the curator in the earlier years. Keep posting, I check you out every day. Hoping to catch another one of your workshops when you come back to Oklahoma!