Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Dried Up Creek" --- Sold

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At the time I was painting my previous painting “Neighbor’s house”, the  house of my friends Carol and David Marine was burning in the most severe wild fire in Texas. They have lost almost everything. Thank God they are safe. I was so sorry when I heard this devastating news yesterday. I want devote my current painting to help them. I sincerely hope you can help too. The donation can be made by visiting: http://www.noonesthebitch.com/http:/2011/09/05/carol-and-david-lost-their-home-a-fundraiser/ Thank you.


silentwitness said...

Qiang--thank you for the link and for your efforts to help Carol Marine. Your art community in/near Austin is phenomenal, and it is very nice that you are helping your friend. It has been overwhelmingly sad to hear of Carol's loss. Your painting is lovely, as usual. I hope your neighborhood is safe from the wildfires. I will go to the website you provided--many thanks and blessings to you!

Logan said...

Hi Mr. Huang,

My name is Logan and I've been viewing your artwork on dailypainters.com for almost a year now. I just read one of the articles about your artwork on Southwest Art and learned that you are a physicist, as well. This is very interesting to me as I just completed my undergraduate degree in Physics with a minor in Mathematics at the University of Colorado. In addition, I just started a painting blog (logangraba.com) to display my attempts at oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting. I wanted to say hi and hope that we can correspond in the future, as we share similar interests. May I ask what subjects you have written articles/theses about in your time at universities? Do you have any links to these? I'd be very interested in reading them. Thanks for sharing your art - it's amazing!

Logan Graba