Monday, September 26, 2011

"My update"

I can't say enough to thank you. After my post on Song's back problem. I got so many emails and comments showing care, sharing experiences, and giving us support. Song and I are very touched and appreciate your kindness very much. Song is getting better now. After several days in bed, She was able to move around with a walker. She did a MRI and we will visit her doctor tomorrow to discuss the result. Over the weekend she was even better and could walk slowly without the walker. I had to make a short trip and she was doing well.  Our life is gradually going back to normal.

I am sorry I don't have an painting for you today. I will try my best going back my art as soon as I can. This week I have to do some technical work in the company I used to work full time. So I can get an income to pay our medical insurance. Then I will teach a workshop in New Braunfels, TX. Life is continuing, and I will try to paint with my fragmented time.


MeeLi Lee said...

I'm glad Song is feeling better. It's often very difficult to juggle everything as an artist, but your loved ones must come first.

I'll be praying for you and Song.

Susan Roux said...

Song is very lucky to have you, a loving and caring husband. In life, difficulties will happen. It is the one's we love that make it all worthwhile. Praying for Song's recovery.

Francie said...

So sorry to hear about Song's back...good she was able to just is a very painful thing.

carol morgan carmichael said...

Glad to hear Song is better. You two are a good team. Love your painting"Taigu"! Hope Song has a speedy recovery.

m.s.g. said...

So thrilled, to hear of Song's progress. Sending you our fond regards, for her continued recovery.

Jean-Pierre Walter said...

Dear Qiang,

I was too much busy these days to write you, but I'm very happy to read today Song is better.

Have a great week-end together.