Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Fresh" --- Sold

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In this painting, I applied what I have learned from my recent leaf studies into more finished work. It is sort of worked, but not significant enough. Life is still going and research will keep going too. My recent posts are very left-brain-ish. I think it is necessary. At the earlier stage of the this painting, I really like it a lot. But I had to stop and went to work. I continued last night after I came back from work. The painting was semi-dry. I got out of control. Anyhow, this one is not bad. I like the color effect a lot.


George Carr said...

These leaves are so sensitively rendered they seem to tremble in the air. I find your humility as a painter hard to understand, but clearly your modesty has the effect of driving you to ever higher levels of acheivement, rather than resting on your laurels. (Pardon the pun! Are they indeed laurel leaves?)

Pragya Tiwari said...

This is brilliant! I love how you've painted very few details in the leaves and they still look so defined. You inspire me with your paintings :)