Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Demo at Bartlesville 2" --- Sold

Please enjoy my second demo at the Bartlesville workshop. I think my effort on painting leaves starts to pay off. I decided to do a high key painting and I am glad I did.

I have a funny story to tell you. After the first day of the workshop, we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We were chatting happily with a lot of laughters. At this moment, a macho man sitting at the table next to us stood up walked to me. He tapped his big hand on my shoulder and said: "I just don't understand what kind of magic you have. How come you are the only man can get so many women around you." Everybody laughed. I don't know how to answer his question.

I really feel grateful. I got so much support from all of you. These a couple of days. I got hundreds of email messages from all over the world wishing me happy birthday. I am so touched. What I can do is to improve my art further and share it with you. Thank you a big time.


Carol Blackburn said...

Must be you are genuine in your word and deed. Maybe his macho is phony. We know he is jealous.
Your painting is beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful day.

brushwork said...

I love this painting and would buy it in a minute if it was available! Maybe one day I will be able to sign up for your workshop. I almost bought one of your paintings that I saw in a gallery in Fredericksburg last Nov. Keep up your marvelous painting. I so enjoy your daily paintings.

Fay Fisher

Theresa Taylor Bayer said...

Agreed, I think it's 'cause you're genuine and everyone relates to that.

This is a beautiful painting, and the composition is especially fine.

Sharlette White said...

I enjoyed the workshop in Bartlesville immensely. You have such a gentle spirit and your humbleness and graciousness shows in your work. You have inspired me and I started painting today and posting! I'm not going to promise everyday, but I am committing to three a week! I also posted about my experience at the workshop and photos...

Good Luck in your goal for full time artist, I know you'll get there. Also don't forget to date your work so future generations will be able to enjoy its longevity!

Marla said...

Every painting class or workshop I've been to is 99% female - so obviously that's a great place to pick up chicks :)