Monday, May 30, 2011

"Demo at Bartlesville 1" --- Sold

I am on my way back to Austin from Oklahoma. I had a wonderful workshop here. Thanks to Bartlesville Art Association and wonderful organizers Jo Ann and Elizabeth for making this event possible. Thanks to my old friends Venda, Buena, and Gail coming from long distance to see me. Thanks to all new artist friends for attending my workshop. I have enjoyed those three days tremendously. This painting is my demo at the first day of the workshop.


Judy Morgan blogmaster said...

I love that soft fuzzy edge at the top of the orange.

Sharlette White said...

I so enjoyed your work shop and plan on startig real soon, like tomorrow painting at least 3 times a week but hopefully one a day. Thank for such an informative workshop!

Sharlette White

wilsonpills said...
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wilsonpills said...

I really enjoyed your second demo. Above Picture in show cup is looking nice.Your work is too good. This is a beautiful painting.

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