Friday, November 2, 2007

"Harvest Time"

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Nowadays, we don't have much of a feeling of the harvest time. It belongs to the good old days. As an engineer, I am sitting at my cube, facing multiple computer "windows", but there is no single real window at the sight. All the lights on me have broken spectra. All the information to me is digitized. My coffee mug is half empty, and I feel drowsy. As a nocturnal animal, I am long for the dark night to come. That is only time I see colors become analog again.


Barbara Pask said...

Cute composition, like always your colors just pop. Did you read my request the other day for you to do another video? Please consider it. I loved the last one. Thanks, Barb

PAT MEYER -- said...

What a wonderful little painting that reminds us to take time and enjoy the holiday.

Dean H. said...

I really enjoyed your comments on this one Qiang. To me it emphasizes the "good" in "good old days" Love the insight to your thinking.
As always, a very nice painting.