Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Fascination" --- Sold

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I used two days to finish this painting. I am trying to create a rhythm that this carnations repeating, but varying in forms. I understood that the purpose of the composition is to control the pace, or the reading speed, when a viewer seeing a painting. Does it work on this painting? Your call.


Barbara Pask said...

I think I understand what you were going for. I do find as I look at the painting that I stop on each rose to view them one by one. Beautiful as always. Barb

Paintdancer said...

I absolutely love your paintings and have been striving lately to paint more like you, which is why I am doing more still lifes than landscapes these days. The thing that stops my eye on this painting is the floral that is second from the left. Because of it's color and temperature,(very warm) your eye is pulled towards it. I think if it was third from the left instead of second it might keep my eye moving better to the right, but who the heck knows. Whatever. The painting is lovely as always and my eye still traveld through the painting to see all the luscious details.