Tuesday, April 7, 2020

"DVD: Floral Painting with Qiang Huang"

Hello all my artist friends: I would like to announce that my second instructional DVD "Floral Painting with Qiang Huang" is ready for purchase. Like my first DVD. I have two versions: physical DVD and downloadable version. Please visit my DVD webpage: http://www.qh-art.com/dvd.html to order. The physical DVD is designed for people who want to watch the video with a DVD player (computer works as well). My first batch of mass replicated DVD will arrive this Friday, so it will be the earliest time we can ship the DVD to you. The downloadable version works on your computer and iPad. After purchase, you will receive an email with a download link. Please make sure you really download the video file on your computer (about 1.5 GB storage needed) before you start to watch the DVD.

Covid-19 has significantly disturbed everybody's life. I will not be able to teach paintings workshops for a long while. I hope this DVD can help you to improve you painting skills. Now we all must stay home. Painting can be a really good activity to make your time well spent. We can be productive and grow, even in this difficult time.

I really want to thank my son Jonathan Huang for helping me to make this DVD possible. I am keeping exploring all possibilities to offer my art teaching via the internet tools.

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