Monday, December 16, 2019

My OG (Off-the-Grid) Place Update

After my final workshop was done before Thanksgiving. I have decided not to paint for a month. I spent almost all my time in upgrading my OG place. Now I can live in it comfortably. Of course, my purpose of doing this project is not to building a regular house. I try to prove a concept: You don't need a lot of money to live decently, and it can be done by a single human being. There are multiple advantages of doing this project. (1) I am in control and can change and fix everything. (2) I have my own eco system and minimize the waste. (3) I don't buy insurance for this house because it is so cheap. (4) Keep away from harmful chemicals and minimize the use of plastics. (5) Keep away from the Internet so I can have quiet time. (5) It is very affordable. I don't need to be a slave of money.

Now this month of down time has passed. I will start to paint again.


Sharon Weizenbaum said...

This is wonderful and inspiring! Thank you for living this way.

Unknown said...

Your endeavor reminds me of Henry D. Thoreau's Walden. This 19th-century author built a cabin in a remote area near Concord, Massachusetts. In this cabin, Thoreau lived off the grid for two years. His construction cost was $28.12½. Never one to brag, Thoreau wrote Walden to broadcast his feat to the world.

LS Nelson said...

What an admirable pursuit, and it's charming and comfortable to boot!