Sunday, August 25, 2019

"Painters in the dark"

This is my nocturne painting during the Plein Air Easton. A few of my fellow artists were painting across the street from me. Beautiful lights from the store gave me chances for color. There was a storm before we started. I like the reflections on the road.

"Painters in the dark" has literally described what is in my mind at this moment. I am experiencing a dark time in my art career and my life. Long term over working has burnt me out. I don't feel as enthusiastic towards art as before. I am looking for new inspirations, but have not seen much. Too often, I am in my off-the-grid place, pondering about the future, just like painting in the dark. Darkness does not mean negativity. Without darkness, light will not show. I have not ever seen so much colors during the day at the corner of this street.

This painting is available. 

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Even though you are feeling in the dark I hope you remember the gift you share daily with your fellow painters, collectors and your family--of course I refer to the gift of your talent and that you share your love of creating such beauty with all of us who love and appreciate your art. I will never gorget the workshop you gave in my studio near Newport called Brimstone. That was wonderful.