Friday, August 23, 2019

Shower system at my off-the-grid haven

In order to take a hot shower at my off-the-grid place. I have set up this experimental system. The collected rain water goes through a 4-stage filtration to get clean enough, then it either goes through or by-passes a tankless propane hot water heater so I can have either hot or cold water from two shower heads. The water pressure is provided by a water pump powered by solar. At this moment, I am testing the feasibility of this DIY gismo. It works like a charm. I plan to build a bath house on the deck before the winter comes, and a grey water irrigations system so I don't waist the precious resources.

You probably want to ask me if I have time to paint. Well I will say that my art has been significantly compromised at this moment.  I confess sincerely that my family and I have been enticed by the main stream commercialism so in consequence, we are trapped helplessly. However, I am positive, we will survive and have a much better life in the near future.

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