Saturday, August 3, 2019

"Demo at Easton 2019 1" --- Sold

In July, I taught two workshops (Eaton MD and Sunbury PA), and participated the Plein Air Easton competition. I was on the road for 20 days. Now I have been back to Austin for a week, working on projects at my off-the-grid place. I did 15 paintings at Easton and 3 in Sunbury. I will show you gradually. I am happy my art journey keeps on going.

We have decided to put our house out the market. There are a few major remodeling projects need to be done before we sell it again. Thank God that someone is interested in renting our new house. I hope it goes through smoothly.

I enjoy painting houses and love the architectural beauty. Now I feel them so mysterious. When I came to US many years ago. I have no idea about real estates and how the capitalist system works. How come you have something that you have used for a while, but you can sell it with a higher price than you paid to get it new. It does not make sense, does it?

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linda m levine fine art said...

Qiang... it has been wonderful to watch the progression of your art over the past few years. I love the way you have expanded into landscapes and architectural pictures... but i will always love your still life pictures the most!

I remember you telling a story in a workshop about how the cost of your paintings increased, as a gallery bought them on Daily Paint Works at the start of your career, and then sold them for a lot more money than they spent for buying them. A house is like that...the market keeps going up...and the value increases. You can see that in salaries, food and clothing prices, etc. yes, you can make money on the old house, but the new one you buy also costs much more money! Makes sense from an economic standpoint. Linda from Tucson