Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"Wuzhen Canal 1 (Day 5)

You might have remembered I posted the same painting on May 25. I thought I was very close to the finishing point at that time. However, I have spent 3 more days on it.  I have seen so much potential on this painting, and I might want to spend a few more days on it.

From my previous post on this painting to now. I have been working on the color and edges. I enhanced the warmth of the color in the light area so the painting gets much more colorful than before. Working on the edges was a tough task. I have already had a lots of details and the painting was very tight at the previous stage. I have to destroy unnecessary details to get loos. I like this painting today much more.


Helen Ström said...

Beautiful light you got there!! Warm and welcoming to look at!! Would love to see it for real to see it better!

Unknown said...

Amazing to see what you have done with the painting. It's so much better, full of life and light.