Saturday, June 6, 2015

"Arch Way of Mayfield Park" --- Sold

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I went to Plein Air painting today with our local PAA group. The location was the Mayfield Park. I was amazed by so much scenes we can paint. I may go there again to paint this days. I picked this ivy covered stone arch way. It is wonderful combination of man made structure and the nature. I have really enjoyed myself today.


Adriana Guidi said...

It's really lovely! I love the light in the archway.

linda m levine fine art said...

I love the way you break up the light into individual strokes so that the viewer's brain can put it all together. I will strive to do this in my paintings.

Journeyman said...

It’s a daily treat to call in and see what you have painted Qiang :) this is a particular delight that I keep coming back to. I’m hoping some of it’s magic will rub off on me :D Dave.