Monday, January 5, 2015

"Pavilion in Summer Palace" (Day 4)

Everybody have heard something called "mid life crisis", but has anybody heard about "mid painting crisis". The answer is No, because I just made it up. However, I am sure you have had this kind of feeling. When you do a new painting, especially a long term project and your experience of doing this  kind of painting is inadequate. You feel lost in the mid of the painting process. You have exhausted all your know-hows and have no clue what is next. This stage of the painting I call that "mid painting crisis". Now this painting is at this "crisis". I don't know what exactly I want to do, but the painting is obviously not done.

The "mid painting crisis" is the time to learn. It is the time to research. I will listen to what the painting wants to say. What my intuition wants me to do. I will compare my painting with other artists' work o see what is missing in mine. I will significantly slow down and preserve the good effect I have from going away. Do not take action blindly. The painting can go down hill very quickly.

It looks like I have to pause this painting for a few days because my workshop in Austin will start tomorrow. I will share my demos and come back to this project after the workshop.

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ddeanhartist said...

This is very interesting and I can totally relate!
i will look into your workshops, I own one of your paintings and love it.
Thank you!
Deborah Harold