Saturday, January 3, 2015

"Pavilion in Summer Palace" (Day 2)

In the second day, this painting has entered the color stage. I have the warm-light-cool-shadow situation. The colors were applied abstractly. My attention was on the design rather than giving the realistic presentation.

Painting keeps on going. However, all the necessary important issues keeps pile up too: finance is a mess, health is unchecked, the computer keeps on crashing, so many IT junk knowledges forced to be learned. Why life has to be so difficult and complicated? Recently I listened to this TED talk. I agree with the speaker. We are living in a very uncivilized era. But do we really have a choice? I am not sure.


Jo Castillo said...

Thank you for your post. Very good video. It is interesting that we live in such complicated times. Your painting is lovely, too.

linda m levine fine art said...

Qiang, your picture is lovely. You have done something different and have achieved your design goal. I am anxious to see the next stages. The speaker in the video is wise, although he says he is unschooled. He is telling us we CAN make choices for ourselves.He has made choices to live a very simple existence…but they would not be my choices. You too prioritize your choices. Life is complex only if you make it that way and if your choices involve more than growing your own food and building your own house. And what does he do with all the time he gains? Does he use it in some way that helps others? He does not say. If finances and health are concerns, choose to do something about them…hire an accountant, make a doctor appointment. But keep on painting…it is your gift to use.