Saturday, January 3, 2015

"Pavilion in Summer Palace" (Day 1)

I started my first painting in 2015 on Jan 2. This is a 16" x 20", a landscape based on a photo I took two years ago in Beijing. This is the placement or drawing stage. I did my composition and value. The correctness of the perspective is crucially important.

I know many people are setting up their new year's resolution at this time. What is mine? To be honest to you, I don't have one. If you really insist that I must have one, I will say I will try to keep my painting discipline as long as I can. Living on this earth is very strange, There are more or more things get so important, so legetement(legal), so time consuming, and so complicated. They shout at me: Don't be stupid. You must take care of me first. Painting is not that important. It can always wait.

I choose ignoring all of those urgent calls. I will just paint, come xxxx or high water.

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linda m levine fine art said...

If we allow mundane tasks to consume all our time, we wind up cheating ourselves out of a good quality of life. Just like the whole of life, a balance must be achieved between things that are Necessary and things that bring us Joy and Satisfaction. Perhaps it is your engineer’s brain telling you painting is not important. But it is giving you a false message. If you list out your priorities for the New Year, you will find that painting brings you great satisfaction (and certainly constant growth), it is your livelihood and the way your family is supported, and it is joyful for thousands of those who follow your art and expand their own skills by learning from your workshop teachings. Painting must be the priority. I am anxious to see how this one develops. Linda from Tucson.