Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Tulips in Spring" --- Sold

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My friend Jane brought me some tulips. The colors are so beautiful. I don't remember I painted tulips before. Now you have it.

For my recent high key paintings. I really pay attention to the background colors I use. They are colored grays. I am experimenting on how to enhance the colors in the center of focus by using different gray backgrounds.


Artbymarion said...

Beautiful painting. You have all the essentials to describe the tulips.

I really like the high key work you are doing at the moment.

Marion Hedger (artbymarion)

Unknown said...

Wonderful painting! Not too much red, just right. Beautiful, soft gray background really helps.

Minnie Medanic said...

I love your website so much and you are such a talent.. I wish I can paint like you :) I just start painting, I love it and I plan to continue painting as often as I can.Are there any chance to learn from you? Regards, Minie from OH