Saturday, April 19, 2014

“Blue Bonnet 2014" --- Sold

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The blue bonnet season is coming to the end this year in Texas.  I did this painting with my residue momentum of my high key exploration. I will pause of my small painting exercise and go to Seattle for a week. So this painting may be my last glimpse of this beautiful flower for 2014. However, something ends implies something new will happen. I am looking forward the special beauty in the spring of the Washington State. Now I start to realize the significance of knowing that everything will reach its end eventually. We tend to hold on what we have and feel sad when we reach to the end or death. However, the truth is that this ending feeling is the biggest illusion. We all have an eternal life, here now and forever. Ending is always the beginning. I will see new flowers, they are different, but equally beautiful.

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Catherine Jeffrey said...

I am very much this way...wanting to hold on to what we have. I have a very difficult time accepting and letting go. Your words are very helpful and very uplifting. Thank you for your philosophies of life. After my Mother passed away, I took some flowers from her garden and with spring arriving I will enjoy the beauty of her peonies and irises as May arrives. I will be happy rather than sad.