Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Morning Fresh" --- Sold

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I confess that I was obsessed in software developing. Thanks to some of you for introducing me to a few online tools and apps. My CSA tool has improved a little, but it still need much more development before it becomes user-friendly.

The reason I was into color scheme analysis is that I am dealing with more color designs more with my high key approach. I like the color scheme in my today painting, but I have hard time to explain to you. I have not grabbed the tangible rules of color aesthetics, but I do believe there exist such rules and I will get them eventually. When I was in LA talking with Jeremy Lipking, We discussed Denis Dutton and his thinking about aesthetics. It is possible to understand beauty in a more scientific manner.


D. MEYER said...

This is a fun one! :P

Jo Castillo said...

This makes me smile, too. Love the colors.