Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"To My Valentine 2" --- Sold

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This is my second try of painting a red rose. I learned from my yesterday's painting that making the center of rose dark is not easy. My alizarin is too transparent. If I paint it directly on the a white surface, the value is not dark enough. If I mix with ultramarine blue, soon the color will look dirty. To solve this problem, today I tried the following: I painted the center of the rose with acrylic burnt umber first. After It dried (about 5 min), I painted alizarin on top. The umber makes it dark and the alizarin makes it red. Is this process called "glazing"?  I am not sure. I might have reinvented the wheel, but it worked. Why do I use burnt umber? Well, that was because I don't have other acrylic colors (except black) in my studio.


Christine said...

great solution...I do the same thing sometimes to get a special effect, or if I want to scrape some paint away and reveal the color underneath

Adriana Guidi said...

Beautiful as always and great tip!