Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Demo at Hope Town 2" --- Sold

The second demo I show how to paint silver, glass, and flowers. I enjoy the soft and disappeared edges. After doing so many demos, I have found more opportunities. Since demos tend to be repetitive, I got more chances correcting previous mistakes. So the brushwork gets more efficient and structure gets more accurate and delicate. When I am not teaching workshops, I explore new territories. When I demonstrate during workshops, I refine my craftsmanship to make paintings more dramatic.


Andy said...

Qiang, I absolutely love your still life paintings - especially the way you capture the essence of the scene but without the fussy details. Would you consider sometimes posting a photo of the setup too? And do you think you might do another Youtube demonstration one day.

D. MEYER said...

Hi Qiang! Since stills can be similar in subject matter, can u do one that is different, lighter backgrounds, fun subjects? Give it a go... I know u can do it! Wonderful work. :)

Christine said...