Thursday, February 20, 2014

“Demo at Hope Town 3" --- Sold

On this paradise island, it will be a shame if I don't paint plein air. On the third day of the workshop, I  set up my easel on the harbor and painted this quick sketch. On this island I see vibrant colors all over. But when I paint, I did not use too much colors, I try to put control on how much pure paints I use.  This painting was really an experiment. After I return home, I will work on the color scheme for my seascape paintings. Wow! It is so exciting to wade into new water.

Song and I are leaving Hope Town today. My next station will be Melbourne FL.


D. MEYER said...

Oh wow..I so wished I could have watched you do this outside. Love harbors and boats! Nice change for you, Qiang. Fresh and full of fun! Do more... ;D

linda m levine fine art said...

Fresh and beautiful! New challenges don't seem like too much of a challenge. Debbie is more more more.