Monday, December 30, 2013

"Pink Rose Study 7" --- Sold

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Life goes on. Seasons come and go. Fruit juice has turned into red wine. It has much richer and more sophisticated taste. Ms. Rose has realized she is not the center of focus any more. The universe is a way larger than she thought before. She is perplexed. pondering in the dark night. What is the meaning? Who am I?

I have used all my engineering might and fixed most of my computer problems. Now my small Macbook Air has been forced to install so much more junk softwares I never thought I will need, and my little shoebox size brain has stuffed more junk knowledge I know soon will be obsolete again. It seems I have done a lot, but I know I have absolutely no progress. We have to run faster to keep still. My friend, have you sensed that all the people are busier than before, but have we accomplish more? Are we happier?....

Stop! Come on, Qiang. All what happens are tests for you. They are all REAL but not TRUE. Do you get it?


Charles Snell said...

Qiang - I am enjoying your series of paintings of the rose.
The apposition of the red hues of the flower with the green hues of the leaves provides a wonderful tension to the work.
Much can be said with a limited palette, as you have shown. I enjoyed your workshop at Yardley. Wishing you a happy new year!

linda m levine fine art said...

Yes, all the aggravating technology glitches ARE tests. They are given to you so you can feel fortunate to have such minor challenges in this world so full of darkness and unspeakable tragedy. You have been given the gift of beauty and technology allows you to share it with hundreds. That is a gift as well. Months ago you admired the simple life of the Amish. Yet if you lived that existence would you be able to paint for a living? Would it have afforded you the opportunities you have enjoyed outside that society and have allowed you to contemplate your spiritual growth? Keep painting and growing. Keep valuing those things that you identify as important. Keep ignoring (as much as possible) those things that annoy but are necessary to endure in order to share your gifts with others.