Friday, December 27, 2013

"Pink Rose Study 4" --- Sold

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Today my rose is no longer a child. She has stepped into her adulthood. She is full of love, full of passion, and full of energy.  She is the sun shine, she is the cool breeze. The sky is only the limit. Life is a beautiful song to her, graceful and elegant.

I painted this rose no longer using rendering. It is not necessary to copy all the petals in detail. More important is the value and color transition. The spontaneous brush strokes is critical to maintain a fresh look of the beautiful stage of this rose. I have spent much less time on this one than I did when the rose was a teenager.


Unknown said...

It is a beautiful painting! I'm enjoying your rose studies and watching the rose's life story unfold! Thank you for sharing.

Brenda Semanick said...

Thoroughly enjoying watching the rose mature through your paintings and the accompanying philosophy Qiang.
You inspire in so many ways.


Eston said...
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