Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Demo at Ada 2" --- Sold

This is another delayed demo painting post. I used this painting as a step-by-step guidance for students to following my procedure. I like the turquoise color pot. I feel most of my paintings are lack of good blue colors. That is one of the areas I need to improve.

Nowadays, daily life is getting harder and more complicated. After returned to Austin, I didn't get much time to rest. I didn't paint either. I have spent long hours on the Health Insurance Marketplace trying to get my application completed for the Obama care. However, the website is so bad. No matter how hard I tried (and how many Ph.Ds I have), I just could not get my application completed. I chatted and called many times as well. I finally get through this morning by phone. If you have similar experience with the Marketplace. Please call instead of using the website.


Nathalie H.D. said...

Living in France, I have no experience with Obama care but I wish you well in this process. I'm sorry that it appears so complicated. I hope it's only the set up process that makes it so slow. Our social security in France works really well and we're very conscious of how lucky we are.

But what I really wanted to comment about is your blue pot. You're right, it is the highlight of your painting there, the hue and values are really really good.

I'd also like to comment on your blog generally - I find it truly inspirational in the sense that not only do we get to see good painting but also to see your positive and friendly personality shining through.

I'm a passionate photographer who very recently started trying her hand at oil painting. I'm quite conscious of the huge steps I need to take before I'm happy with my work but I'm learning to recognize quality work when I see some and I'm really interested in what you do. If you ever come to France, let me know! Kind regards and keep up the good work.

Eston said...

We have found that a favorite choice is acrylic portraits or painted family portraits.