Monday, June 17, 2013

Workshops for the Future

Time goes by so fast. Now is close to the middle of the year. I have scheduled my workshops for the next year 2014, and placed a new workshop button on my blog. There is some difference of my 2014 workshop plan. For artists who lived close to Austin, or want to come to Austin. I will teach a 4-day workshop in Austin in January. There will be a workshop hosted at Bahamas. I am also working with an organizer in Spain to plan my first workshop in Europe. Lots of work, but very exciting.

Besides my 2014 workshops. I still have a few openings in my Sedona workshop on July 17 - 19, 2013. I hope more people can join me at this extraordinary beautiful place. Please contact Sedona Arts Center to sign up.

I am not so called "Master" artist, but I am an "improving" artist. In my teaching, I try to be very organized and provide you solid (no wishy washy) information. Since I learned my skills mainly from taking workshops, I understand my workshop students, and my experience is more relevant to yours.

Many of you know, I went to San Francisco last summer studied with a real master artist Zhaoming Wu. If you also want to learn from him, I have a good news for you. Zhaoming will teach a workshop at Whidbey Island, WA where I was not long ago. Contact WIFAS to sign up, or press the his workshop button on my blog.

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