Friday, June 14, 2013

"Two to One" --- Sold

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Coming back to the basics, my daily painting looks more like the ones I did in the old days. I decided to pause my experiments and paint something I feel comfortable with. It is the time I need to digest what I have learned, and summarize the information collected in an organized way.

I want to tell a story I heard when I was in the elementary school. Once upon the time, there was a bear. He went to the corn field to get some corns (I don't know bears eat corns but let's assume they do). He removed one ear of corn and put it under his right armpit. Then he snatch the second one and put it under his left armpit. Well he didn't realized when he grasped the second corn, the first one had fell off  and dropped on the ground. He got third corn and put under his right arm, while the corn under his left arm had fell off. ..... In the same manner, he went through the whole row of corn field from one end to another, but he only got one ear of corn.

I have gone through part of my art journey kind of like the bear. I think it is a good idea to pause and review what I have learned. If the bear had stopped and went back. He would have got much more.


Deborah L. Taylor said...

I love this, and I love your apple from yesterday. You are an amazing artist!

Michael Jay Williamson said...

Insightful analogy with an important lesson. Your brush stokes have a lot of wisdom.

Unknown said...

It will be fun to share the bear story.

Johan said...

Heh that's a great lesson for all of us, Qiang

Unknown said...

Truly Inspiring..