Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Pumpkin with Mindfulness" --- Sold

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I have spent a long time on this painting. I have entered a meditation stage. When I picked up a brush, I was aware of I have picked up a brush. When I needed to clean an area, I patiently used my tedious procedure of cleaning. When I wipe my brush on a paper towel, I paid attention to where on the towel I wiped, so the dirty paint on the towel formed a nice circular pattern. No rush, you have plenty of time. Be mindful when you do everything.

In a couple of hours, I will be on my way to my meditation retreat. Goodbye my friend. I won't talk to you for 10 days. Goodbye my art. I will understand you better, and love you more.


Ninapaints said...

Your pumpkin painting is lovely! When I was reading about your retreat plans, the thought crossed my should meditate upon the name of Jesus without offense. just that, to let that name be a part of your experience.

Stephanie Berry said...

I've known people who have done silent retreats but to hear God better. Nina's idea is a good one. I like that you painted a pumpkin in June. Seems most of us do them in October. Hope you find the retreat fruitful.

Animal Zone said...

No offense, Nina & Stephanie - but why on earth would you suggest such a thing to this artist?

Unknown said...

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