Friday, May 3, 2013

"Demo at Albuquerque 2013 1"

I have arrived at Albuquerque, NM yesterday. My workshop is at New Mexico Art League. I want to thank NMAL for organizing and all the artists for coming. This is my first demo. Having not painting still life for a while, I thought I may have forgot how to do it,  but this one turned out pretty good. I made a part of the painting very abstract, and paid a great attention to the transition between the realistic center of focus to the abstract peripherals, so they can go together without any conflict.


silentwitness said...

This is wonderful--alot is left to the imagination. The play of soft versus hard edges is splendid and your color choices are superb, as always! GReat use of opposites throughout, even "moving" versus "still."

Unknown said...

Your abstract realism is showing Qiang! Beautiful.

Sherry Schmidt said...

Really beautiful piece!