Sunday, May 12, 2013

"A Small House at Wuzhen" --- Sold

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My gray colors are getting cleaner now. I even understood more today. My rule of thumb presented last time applies only under the condition that the general tone of the painting is set in orange or yellow deep. That is the tone I usually use for my landscape paintings. You know you have the choice to setup whatever tones you like. If you like cooler tones like blue and purple, your feel of dirty or clean can change right away. In a nut shell. We need to be sensitive in setting up the general tone of the painting, than harmonize all the colors in the painting around the tonal color.

This painting is from a photo I took at Wuzhen. Our painting trip to China is forming well. It looks travel to China from US in September will get pretty good deal, which is much cheaper than my trip there last year. I am very happy another of my dream will come true. It is not late. I hope more people can join me. We will have a great time together.


EJHamilton said...

Hiya Qiang, oh, like the simplicity of this painting! Great warm and cool tones, fab harmony. Love it.

Mary Byrom said...

This is a painting with cooler harmonies than the one you did the other day. Nice grays.

Gexton said...

My gray colors are getting cleaner now. I even understood more today.
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LS Nelson said...

I too think your work is so beautiful it needs no improvement (I love the calm it conveys), but I understand the quest, so take a look at a couple of fine artists who juxtapose their bluer grays with golds and red oxide to stunning effect: Chuck Gumpert and Tibor Nagy.

Patricia Ansert Art said...

Are complements the only way to get grays with colors. What other ways are there?

Mary Sheehan Winn said...