Monday, October 1, 2012

"The color of blue"

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I think I am giving myself a hard time. I force myself not to use red and orange colors for while, I want to see if I still can paint good paintings. My newly developed color analyzing tool has shown some use for me. The color scheme of the this one is majorly analogous and slightly complementary. The center of focus is obvious. The blue does stand out, but not strong enough. Now I need your help: how can I make this color scheme more exciting? Oh! I just got a thought, I am going to do a Daily Paintworks Challenge, so you can show me a couple of things. See you on DPW.


Marla said...

If you are trying to stay with an analogous color scheme, maybe a splash of brighter green, like some of those Phthalo Green leaves you have done in the past.

Christine said...

I wonder if maybe you had a really dark background like a lot of your work has, with a touch of orange in the mixture would help the blue to pop...interesting question! Lovely painting

Evhe said...

When I have such questions about colors, the book "the art of color" by Itten give me a lot of answers :)
in french "l'art de la couleur" de Itten