Saturday, September 29, 2012

" At the hillside"

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I have been doing a serious study on color harmony for a week. It is one of most important topic in graphic design. In this painting I used the analogous color scheme. I am trying to develop a tool on my computer to analyze the color design of any arbitrary painting: I run a filter to get a simplified version of the original image (to mimic the effect of squinting). Then I sampled a set of colors and get  their corresponding hue, chroma, value figures. Then I map those colors on the color wheel, and the grey scale. From the distribution of the colors, I can know the painting's main color, color scheme, color dominance, value dominance, and value range. With this method, I can quantitatively understand the design of any artists including myself. Please see an example of my analysis. In the future, I will develop an app, you may put on iPhone or iPad. If you know someone doing the similar thing, please let me know. I might have reinvented the wheel.


Sue Harrell said...

This sounds fascinating. I'm very eager to learn more about your work and excited that there may be an app available in the future.

Evhe said...

I follow with interest your researches; software photos allow to have a histogram of the painting where we just find the distribution of three colors in RGB in hue,saturation and value, what is more reducing than your analysis example.
But, by reading today your post, i spent myself one hour to study the colors of your apple and some of my paintings... :)

Peggy Kingsbury said...

Amazing Qiang! Can't wait for the ap.

Unknown said...

Interesting stuff. Your color wheel is 2 dimensions. You really need 3 dimensions to map hue, value and saturation but this is a good start. You may be interested in this link, which works the other way - choose your colors before you paint.