Saturday, September 1, 2012

"Head Study 4 at AAU"

I have not painted for several days. To keep my blog going, I post a painting I did before. This head study I did at AAU. All my AAU paintings are 12" x 16" or larger. I can't sell them as my small still life studies. I really don't know how to market them. If you are interested in them, please contact me.

I didn't paint is because I am having a mental problem. I was like a drug addict with an obsession, I was so into figure drawing and couldn't stop doing it. You may have noticed if you read my previous post. It was not that I was so indulged into what I did, but I just couldn't stand the problems I had seen in my figure work. I thought I could fix that problem in two hours. However, the hours turned into days, and days became weeks, ... I was like a desperate gambler in front a slot machine, hoping the next quarter I put in it will bring me a good fortune. I was so frustrated. I ignore painting, ignore I have a business to run, ignore my family and I need to eat.  I need a life coach or a rehab to fix me up. Boy! I never thought that learning can be so harmful.

Now I force myself putting down my pencils (similar to a smoker putting down the cigarette). I understood (at least theoretically) that craving is a universal disease. It is the source of all suffering.


Elizabeth Hoddevik said...

Qiang- I totally understand! What i do is keep doing what sells and works for me, but always keep an hour or 2 to work on a portrait or figure. It's ok to take a month for a piece :)

Ana Aguilar said...

Hi Qiang! I've been following your work/blog for years, and I always relate or learn more from your thoughts.
I think you'd find a big improvement to your work and life management to learn about animal behavior and stress as disciplines.
Learning is a process, as we all know. And taking breaks is the best part of that process.
This work for all animals.
It doesn't mean only a resting time, but also the time where we consolidate that knowledge and realize about things. It's a process on its own.
And one last thing. Taking breaks is good stress management, because when we are under that adrenaline during work and when we push it further and further without a break, it's when we leave no compensation to thinking and no allowance to improvement.
Thanks for sharing your work. All the best!

Mike Kennedy said...

Qiang, I've been reading your blog for a while and you have quite a philosophical way about you. I can relate to what you are going through but I can never put it into words like you can. Know that others 'suffer' as you do and also that people care about you, not just your art. I enjoy every 'latest painting' email I get and look forward to what you have to say more than the piece itself. Hang in there and don't forget to purposefully enjoy some time away from painting. Thanks for your time.

Vinayak Deshmukh said...

Dear Quang,
I agree with everyone here. But atleast your obsession (or addiction) is making you create artwork that will inspire many for a long long time. Its better than burning tobacco and creating smoke :)
I feel this hard work will also help you with your still life painting, in which you are already a master.
Best wishes,