Thursday, October 4, 2012

"The color purple"

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The study is going. With this one I worked on the color purple. This one has some problems. I want the  purple color to be high in chroma, but it didn't happen. If I tint the color, the purple is very quickly lose its chroma (or intensity). I was using quinacridone magenta. Most of the purple colors are dark (low value) if you use them directly out of the tube. If you know a mid or light purple with intense chroma, please let me know. Thanks.


Evhe said...

Qiang, I use sometimes a "violet de manganese" ,
(the colour is much more intense than on the website)

Christine said...

I really like the structural look to this painting and the reflections and transparency

Mike Kennedy said...

You can try cobalt violet. It's dark but I think it'll hold the chroma. It's pricey though

Elsa Bluethner said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences.

Have you tried mixing with zinc white? I work mostly with titanium zinc as I like high intensity colours. You may already be doing that.