Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Simply Sweet" --- Sold

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Today I am working on a figurative project, one of those requires many days to finish. I think Zhaoming at AAU has opened a can of worms. He made me aware that so many things I don't know. He told us: when you paint a figure, you painting 80% from what you KNOW, and 20% from what you SEE. Human form is so subtle, underneath the smooth skin there is so much going on. For a still life painter like me, I paint almost 100% from what I SEE. That is why I am so slow when I paint a figure. I can get the job done from meticulously measuring and comparing without knowing enough human structure. That is a very inefficient way. Now I am work really hard to KNOW the bones and muscles.

Having talked about figure, Let's come back to still lives. The painting I posted today was done when I was at AAU. One day I was very tired of figure painting, I grabbed some props in the storage, and did this small painting. The calligraphy on the sake bottle gives me the idea of involving Chinese characters  into my paintings.

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