Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Almost Academically Trained"

Today I want share a photo of me painting at the Fine Art Studio of AAU, and document this extremely significant summer. The photo was taken by an AAU professor Oliver Sin. I almost look like an academically trained artist. I really like this studio. Many years ago, this place was a parking garage. It is very spacious with large north light windows. I like its primitive and industrial look. The floor is full of paint stains. We throw our dirty paper towels directly on the floor, and we don't use trash cans or bags. The air is full of oder of turps and other media. However, Zhaoming has created most of his marvelous figuratives here with dramatic lighting and delicate skin tones. The location was two blocks away from the famous Fisherman's Wharf. The cable cars are passing right under those large windows, full of tourists enjoying the beauty of SF been done many many years ago. I feel I am also a tourist, but the difference is that I am inside the building, enjoying the beauty being created right at this very moment.


George Carr said...

What great space, and city, to learn in! It's interesting to see the context in which you painted your recent pieces, along with the paintings themselves.

oliver sin said...

thanks for spending a wonderful semester with us at Academy of Art University, ure an amazing artist! take care,
Oliver Sin