Tuesday, August 14, 2012

“Let it be Light" --- Sold

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I have been back to Austin for several days. Two months of AAU and life in San Francisco have enriched my artistic ideas. I have been thinking constantly what I should do next. Should I continue on figurative and portraiture, or keep doing my still lives? Should I do large or go small? .... and many more questions. I felt I have arrived on a top of one mountain. Now I see whole range of mountains in front of me. I am in ow with the grand view in front of me, and also lost the track where I should go next.

Today I decided to do a still life, but it is deviated from that I used to do. I want to include a Chinese character into my painting so both East and West culture can go together. The character in my today's painting means "Light", written in the "Kai" style of Chinese calligraphy. Light is the only thing I paint. Light is also my research field when I was an engineer. Many people wonder how come I like both art and physics, which are totally opposite. But the fact is that I only work on Light, it doesn't matter the light is presented with oil pigments or mathematic equations.  In the Bible, Light is the first thing God created. So let it be Light. Hope the Light is showing in my paintings, and yours too.


Unknown said...

I love the Chinese Character and the beautiful light captured in the painting. Let there indeed be light!

Kathleen said...

Must be good to be home again.:) Yes, your focus on painting the light is always beautifully presented. What a wonderful dilemma you have about what direction to go. You have so many possibilities... you will eventually find your way.:)