Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Out of the Holodeck"

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Feels good doing small paintings again. This one is my warm up. I hope to keep the momentum (or mode) going for a while so I can improve. Coming back from Atlanta. I did not resume painting right away, but instead I was working on my "life management". When I was a full time engineer, I didn't have much life. (To be more accurate, my life was sold to someone else). I did what I had been told. Everyday is pretty much the same routine. Since I left the company (out of the Holodeck), I am on my own. I need to make many decisions, paint, teach, and run my business. I have been doing all these work based on purely my intuition. My brain is the main memory and reminder of all my activities. Very soon, I have realized I am not a good manager. I can organize relatively small projects, such as how to conduct my workshops, but not big ones and too many. This is a big problem. If I keep going, my poor management could ruin my life, which I just got back. I mentioned earlier that I was learning GTD and using iCal trying put my life together again. But I wasn't serious enough and too busy, My system never worked. The thing is getting worse day by day. I missed my OPA and OPS shows this year, and constantly chasing last minute tasks. Doing small daily paintings regularly? Forget it! You have seen all of these things happened right in front of you.

Now I am getting really serious. I spent two entire days read through the whole GTD book, and search on the Web for practical ideas. I found a new Application called "Evernote", and spent another couple of days learning how to use it with GTD. Now I have got a sort of "system" on my Mac and start to use it. Men! "Business management" is a cult. it occupies you completely. (If you are perfectionist, you will suffer more.) I was like a zombie for these few days. Now I have new management system on my computer. Does it work? we will see.


Unknown said...

Life can be a real rat race sometimes! Hang in there.One day at a time! Your paintings brighten my day!

marctaro said...

Good story! This is something I'm just learning - being an artist is so time consuming :) we really do need a strategy to make time for the work we want to be doing.