Friday, May 25, 2012

"Head Study 052312" --- Sold

After seeing Fongwei off, I started my technical consulting week. My mode has been shifted to mathematics, but I still try my best to find time to paint. I did this head study on wednesday night. I deliberately make the painting a little tighter, and spent a large amount of time modeling the details. I have really enjoyed the paintings I did recently, and start to see progresses. I don't know how long I can last doing head and figure studies. This kind of work is not as marketable as still life paintings. However, I understand what I am doing is very important if I want to develop my art to a higher level.


Unknown said...

You've done a nice job of capturing the humanity of the sitter! The extra time on detail has yielded a warm picture that reflects your good intentions toward others!

Johan said...

Although I really like the sketchiness of the background -and I realize that Richard Schmid may have something to do with it- I think we must not forget that the background is also part of a composition. In this particular painting, I feel the white at the bottom is distractiing too much from the face.
My eye keeps being drawn to the bottom right corner.
PLease don't get me wrong, I could never paint as well as you do, I admire your work. But I had to say this.

adebanji said...


Unknown said...

I think the trouble with backgrounds relate to the subject matter. Still lifes yield a more ordered background because the subject doesn't command interrelation with the veiwer that distracts or commands attention like the human face. Hence the artists is taken with humanity and sometimes forgets the importance of the enviroment that support s it. A positive result in a way but eludes mastery.