Friday, May 18, 2012

"Head Study 051812"

My friend Fongwei Liu came from California. He is teaching a figure workshop here in Austin. Song and I are busy assisting him taking care of the logistics. I had some time in the afternoon. so I did this head study. I was quite far from the model, so I couldn't get into the details. I wish I have the ability to provide more information from my brain to make the painting more complete, but I can only paint what I see. Fongwei is a great artist and a wonderful teacher. The workshop is going very well.


Bonnie Heather said...

It's so encouraging for me to hear that you only paint what you can see. I'm the same and I thought it would hold me back but if I can get half as good as you, I'll be happy.

Paraskevi Lamprini M. said...


Cinthia Ruscak Griffin said...

This is an awesome job ! I prefer it w/o the details because just the suggestions it implies allows our minds to imagine them. I really enjoy your work !