Thursday, August 11, 2011

“Happy Hour"

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I am gradually coming out of my gray study and start to pay attention to other colors. High key painting gives me more opportunities for color designing. Different from my usual approach, I didn't do value establishment at all, but jumped into color directly. Of course, I was aware of value when I painted colors. The painting is much more colorful than most of my low key paintings, but effect of light is relatively weaker. You will see I toggle between high and low keys.


MeeLi Lee said...

Our thoughts and work seem to parallel each other. I, too am going back and forth between high and low key paintings. I'm tending to like my low key paintings more because of the light.

Johan said...

Perhaps we're all in search of that ideal combination of value and color :) We want to make that painting that has really a nice color balance but shows the impact of light just as powerful.
Isn't painting lovely?!

Ann Rogers said...

Nice change for you! Love it!

Janet Paden said...

This painting just grabs me!!! I love the colors. I just want to sit and stare at it. Very nice and so different for you. Congratulations on this one!

Melanie said...

You can really tell that you are paying more attention to other colors and that can be manifested in the painting. I am an art critic and I love to see talent in new artists. I travelled to Argentina a mnth ago to see the art galleries they have and I saw people with a lot of future in the painting industry. I liked the works of art there so much I decided to rent an apartment in buenos aires in order to stay there longer and be able to see as many works as I could. They have talent, it reminded me of France!