Tuesday, August 9, 2011

“Fruit for Today"

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Transparent oxide yellow + ultramarine blue + white makes a good yellow gray, and I used it for my background today. With this painting, I practice chroma contrast. The yellow pear and the yellow background are similar in value, but the intensity of the yellows are quite different. This contrast in chroma can be used for the design.


Ann Rogers said...

So glad the erratic stock market has not kept you from painting, these last two fruit paintings are spectacular, and thanks for sharing your "gray" formulas.

Daroo said...

I find chroma contrast a difficult subject -- you've done an excellent job here. Transparent oxide yellow is a very useful color.

Lately I've been using Permanent Red Medium (aka pyrrole, or windsor red) + Phthalo turquoise (cyan) to mix gray.

MeeLi Lee said...

Thank you for sharing another gray formula.
Lovely painting!

Joshua Kadtke said...

Really enjoy this one and the lighter background as well! Great work.