Tuesday, August 2, 2011

“Discover the orange" --- Sold

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In my previous two painting emails, I mistakenly described my paintings as "Pencil drawings". I apologize for the mistake. I generate my painting email by cut and paste from my blog to a hand made html template. It is simple but not perfect.

You might have noticed, my recent paintings I smoothed out the background and kept the foreground more painterly. They are more like David Leffel's style. I like Richard Schmid's approach of using vignetted background with washes and dry brushes. I also like what David does to make the background smooth to increase the feeling of the depth. Can these two wonderful methods combined, I am not so sure.


Barbara Pask said...

Love this one. The blue and orange together are fantastic and those edges are just a delight to look at.

MeeLi Lee said...

Beautiful! Your paintings are wonderful using either style. Now, what is Qiang's style? More of you will be evident in your paintings over time-your style.

I, too am working on this for myself. I will let you know how my style is developing as I continue to follow your blog and observe the development of your style.

Maggie said...

I agree with MeeLi Lee. Find your own style, develop and perfect it. I like your paintings with a little light in the background. You have a way with the lighting of your subject that I love. Keep up the great work!