Wednesday, July 6, 2011

With Penelope and Captain John

I am in Putney, VT staying with the beloved Penelope and Captain John. They are the wonderful organizers for my workshop here. If you study art of Richard Schmid through his DVDs, Captain John should be no stranger to you. Richard has introduced his approach of portrait painting through the demonstration of painting Captain John. Penelope and John are in charge of the Putney painter's group. When I met them last year, I had felt I have known them for a long time. I want thank their warm hospitality, and I feel very comfortable here.

Today is the first day of my workshop. The group of artists we are having fun together are coming from all over the world. Hawaii, Shanghai, Southern California, and North Carolina are just a few places they are from. I feel so grateful they are here with me. I will share paintings I did at the workshop soon with you.


Ann Rogers said...

Qiang, am so happy for you to be in this wonderful artist community, and also happy for your students because they are in for a real treat taking your workshop.

Dalan said...

It was a great workshop! Thank you so much I hope I can remember all you taught us, Dalan.