Friday, July 1, 2011

"Tomatoes and a Dry Stem" --- Sold

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I have several tomato plants in the back yard, and they have given us many tomatoes. However, I have not taken care of them well. Now they have all dried up. This morning I cut a section of the dry stem for my setup. Like leaves, painting stems is my next practice I want to manage. I have spent quite a long time just on that piece of stem. There has been a lot of knife work and negative space cutting. It is not perfect, but it is a good start.

Many friends have given me tips on fast dry medium. Thank you so much. I will try your suggestions, and find the one most suitable to me. I will share with you when I decide.

Next week, I will go to Putney Vermont. This will be my first time work together with THE Master Painter Richard Schmid. We will do a painting demo together. Please check Richard Schmid's website and see the event in July. It a great honor for me, and I am very excited about this trip. I will be very nervous for sure, but I will try my best.


MeeLi Lee said...

Your stem looks great! I like the light on the stem and the cast shadow created by the tomato. Looking forward to your experiments with stems.

What an honor to work with Richard Schmid! Will be eager to hear all about your experiences. Have a safe trip.

carol morgan carmichael said...

Another beauty! So many things to admire in this painting. The bright colors against the wonderful neutrals, the edges!
Enjoy your time with Richard Schmid. You can definitely hold your own.

Sharlette White said...

I am so excited for you to get to study with Richard Schmid, it was so neat to see how much you admired his work when we went to Jodi's house for the field trip at the workshop. Good luck and enjoy!

Susan Roux said...

You're always capturing the drama. Richard Schmid? Congrats and have fun!

Omar said...

Wow!! OMG! Qiang, that's huge, you're going to work with Richard Schmid now! Wow that's great, I know how you admire him and I'm a great admirer myself. That's tremendous I'm so happy and joyous for you Qiang. That's amazing.