Friday, July 15, 2011

"Demo at Putney 2" --- Sold

The second demo I did at Putney is here. There are many apple trees outside the studio. They were still small and green, but they were good to paint. So I got some leaves with small apples and set up my second demo. I also used lighter background to make this painting a high key one. Recently, I did more high key paintings like this one, but to be honest with you, I still like the low key painting better, because I can have the center of focus in light to create a glowing spot. However for a high key painting, the center of focus is usually has darker value than the background, so it will not as shining as its low key counterpart. However, the beauty of the high key painting is the color opportunities in shadows. I can see that I am not there yet, because I still use relatively dull colors in my casting shadows. Similarly in your painting practice, you should congratulate to yourself if you see problems in your painting, because you have caught the problem, it is no longer hiding, so you are half way to success already.


Pragya Tiwari said...

The pot is glowing and looks absolutely stunning!
Also, I love reading your posts - there is something to learn each time :)

MeeLi Lee said...

I have also started to paint some high key paintings. I really prefer the low key also. I like to have a particular focus that glows. Hope to finish them for posting soon.

Qiang, what do you mean by "dull colors in my casting shadows"? Do you mean they should be more transparent?

window dressing said...

I love the richness of colors used in the high key painting. The colors seem to jump out and get your attention. Very beautiful.

Jens Ole Olsen said...

hey wong
is it not chiaro scuro you think of? to the best I have learned I would find this one a normal key and design with high contrast - as I understand it low key means to e.g paint an object in shadow or little light and a still life set up outside in full light would invite to high key work - -
all best Jens

Kirk Witmer said...

If I can congratulate myself when I see the problems, I should have a party to celebrate! Four days of painting this week and I had no "survivors". But I could see the problems! :) So Friday I did a pencil portrait instead.

Teresa said...

Bravo - you are living your dreams, and you inspire me :)