Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Rose study 41211" --- Sold

To paint or to take a defensive driving class, that is the question. I was the bad guy, I was told driving 49 miles per hour on Hwy 290 went into Johnson City. Were I guilty for speeding, I do not have the time to argue. I paid what the police wanted and agreed to take the class to keep my record clean. Life is very short, let us paint as much as possible.

Now I want to learn the Richard Schmid approach seriously. I did this one last night, but I was very very tired. So I could not finish. Maybe I should have taken the defensive class instead.

BTW, can someone tell me where I can get very flexible palette knifes? Thanks a lot.


Unknown said...

Are you going contemporary on us Qiang? Deborah

Kathryn Fisher said...

My very flexible palette knife, my favorite, is by "Connoisseur", # 6810- 16. I googled it and found it listed on this website:

This page shows all of the Connoisseur knives:

There are a few good Richard Schmid videos out there that illustrate his technique.

Best wishes.

Kathryn Fisher said...

Thank you for your kind post on my blog.

Yes, the connoisseur palette knife that I have is very soft. I have tried several of other brands and they are too stiff. This one is much more flexible than most--very supple. I don't remember where I got it, but the website that I posted for you has a dealer locator and it looks like there are several stores in your area that carry them. Perhaps you can go hold one in your hand before deciding.


Mary Byrom said...

Qiang, Recently I was having a difficult time finding flexible knives when my old ones broke. I tried Daniel Smith knives and (depending on the style and size) they are nice and flexible. Call them - they are very helpful.

Unknown said...

Qiang, I love this piece! It is bold, simplistic and yet expresses elegance. I keep coming back and looking at it, it is rich with nuance.

Lisa Truttmann

Jordan Lamarre-Wan said...

Hi Qiang,

Schmid is a good artist to study. His book 'Alla Prima' is the most useful book I have ever read about painting and is definitely worth the 50 $

Thank you for posting and keeping us inspired!

Jane Hunt said...

Despite the ticket and tiredness - It's still a fantastic piece!

I'm glad you asked about the flexible knives - I've been looking for them too - I'm going to try the ones Kathryn and Mary mentioned....

Ellen Brandin said...

Your roses are always wonderful, but I was wondering if that study number is just you being funny or is it real? I took your workshop in Sacramento a year or so ago and you told me that I had to paint hundreds of roses in order to get it right. I thought I would start on that project soon.
Ellen Brandin

Stephen Washburn said...

Hi Qiang,

Nice study!

I bought a Hobien palette knife at $35 I'm very pleased with.
Planning to get a painting knife from them also.

Blanche Niznik said...

Hello, I've been following your blog for a very long time and find it quite an inspiration. As for palette knifes, the best I've ever used, (and still do) are from Langnickel. They are pricey but made from sword steel. You can find them on line at art supply stores. Hope you give them a try and report back on your blog. Continued success.

silentwitness said...

HI Qiang! And hello Ellen! I was also a student in your Sacramento class in 2010.

As one of your fans and also a fan of Richard Schmid, I use google to see if it is mentioned anywhere what type of palette knife he uses. A gentlemen has posted a review of Mr. Schmid's DVD "November Landscape"; the blog site shows a photo of Mr. Schmids' palette knife, and says the DVD
shows him using it alot. I have not seen the DVD, but due to your comments and now knowing about this DVD, I will certainly seek it out.

Your painting is lovely, as always. And thank you for taking the time to post. I am so sorry for your driving "ticket."